30 DecCountdown to 2016: Preparing for Your Best Year Yet

In a little over twenty-four hours, a new year, as in 2016, (somehow it still sounds vaguely futuristic) will be upon us.  If you’re like me, you get the sense that time is flying more rapidly with each passing year–landing me in amazement that yet another New Year is on the horizon.  Amazement and anticipation, to be exact.  So how will you spend the final moments of 2015 and prepare to enter 2016?  Allow me to share my countdown to the New Year that promises to be our best year yet.

1.  Thank God for His abundant goodness and mercy and faithfulness that has brought you to this point.  Give thanks for the gift of life, itself, and for all the ways God’s goodness overflowed into your life and midst during this year.  A thankful heart is a heart poised to enter the New Year–and new seasons that await.

2.  Reflect on the significant moments that you’ve encountered, enjoyed, and even endured this year.  Consider how your decisions, faith, courage, shortcomings, triumphs–and everything in between–created the life you are currently experiencing.  Note the life lessons that will serve as wisdom for the days ahead, then prayerfully focus forward on what you desire for the new year.

3.  Forgive and release any hurts, trespasses, misunderstandings, wrongdoings, etc.  Clear your head and heart to start fresh with a clean slate that won’t keep you bound to the past and its disappointments.

4.  Begin writing down your goals, dreams, desires and prayers for the year ahead.  You can continue to amend and refine them as the year gets underway, but start now with what is biggest in your heart today.

5.  Determine to embrace and actively pursue the new beginnings that await you.  And expect greatness!

Each new day is the first day of the best days of your life.  Therefore, live each with purpose, on purpose, and prepare to experience your best year yet!

Happy New Year!






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