13 OctSo, Tell Me Again, How Do I Please God?

Sometimes, it seems the simplest things are the hardest to grasp.  Not because they’re hard at all, but to the contrary, because they seem too simple, too easy–too good–to be true.  And when it comes to the simple truth of what it takes to please God, there’s probably no other topic that has become more cumbersome and confusing.  So I want to share the real (simple) truth of the matter.

One day I saw in the Word that God pronounced His pleasure in Jesus before He ever performed a miracle or any other act of ministry (Mark 1:11).  I saw that God’s love for Jesus (evidenced by His referral to Him as “My beloved Son”) was unconditional!  His pronouncement was not based at all on Jesus’ performance, but rather on His trust and faith in God, His Father.

Similarly, Jesus taught His followers that the only requirement to fulfill the works of God was to believe on Him Whom God had sent (John 6:29).

When it’s all said and done, it’s our faith–our belief and trust–in God that pleases Him (Hebrews 11:6).  It’s not our performance or striving or anything else.  Hear this: your status as a child of God makes you pleasing and accepting to God and worthy of His unmerited favor and unconditional love.  I believe that’s why He chose to make that bold proclamation over Jesus’ life and ministry before He performed any good work.  God wanted it to be clear that His pleasure and approval of Jesus was not based on what Jesus did, but on Who Jesus is, the Son of God. And His pleasure in you is based on the same unchanging foundation.

So, again, how do you please God?  By believing in Him and His unending love for you.  Think about it.  Believe it.  Accept it.  And rest in it.  Because while it might sound too good, it’s absolutely true!





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