08 AugEnjoy the Journey!

In life, we’re groomed to be goal-oriented and focused on the end results.  And while this serves the purpose of keeping us on the path to our ultimate destination–our destiny–there is something to be said for all the moments along the way.  There is indeed a lot to be said for…the journey.  Enjoying the journey, to be exact.

When you stop to reflect, how often have you rushed through an experience, a lesson, a challenge, or even a triumph, only to charge ahead to the “next big thing” without fully embracing what life was offering in that moment, in that season, along the path?  The old adage of not seeing the forest for the trees becomes reversed and imposes equal limitations where the details that make up our every day lives are diminished in view of the ever looming big picture.

Both the big picture and the individual scenes of life are to be in focus and embraced throughout our journey; one without the other will surely cause a distorted view and hinder the gift of living life to the fullest–each day.  Waiting for “someday” to be happy–or for the house or the promotion or the spouse or the breakthrough or whatever feeds your dreams and desires–is not the way to live!  Expecting in faith for God’s best, continually, with a keen eye on where He’s taking you is all-important.  But, relishing the small, seemingly insignificant, even routine, moments of today is how we should carry on.

During His time on earth, Jesus was such a great example of what it meant to enjoy the journey–without losing sight of, or letting go of, His ultimate purpose and mission.  He took the time to study, grow, worship, teach, love, laugh, pray, heal, bless, and so much more, while always keeping His focus and His eye towards His destiny in Jerusalem to become the Savior of the world.  And because He did it, we can also.

The Word promises that God has charted the path ahead of you and will even tell you where to stop and rest.  So follow His lead. Every day of your life was already planned and written in His book before even one day of your life began!  Think of that!  He knows all about you–from beginning to ending–and has placed His grace upon you to live out your purpose.

So continue to run the race set before you–and remember to enjoy the journey!




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