"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15).

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Righteousness is the character or quality of being right; and it is a gift which is given by God to every born again believer. Righteousness is a powerful force which yields great benefits in the lives of those who operate in it. The Word of God is full of instruction and insight regarding the subject of righteousness, and this bible study is designed to awaken your knowledge about the righteousness of God.

  1. What action is credited to you as righteousness? (Deut. 6:25)
  2. Righteousness in one's life brings what? (Job 35:8)
  3. God promises to do what for those who are established in righteousness? (Psalm 89:16)
  4. The result of turning away from our righteousness is? (Ezek. 18:24)
  5. God will use righteousness to do what to the world? (Psalm 9:8)
  6. How does God want to lead us? (Psalm 23:3)
  7. When righteousness goes to work, what does it produce? (Isaiah 32:17)
  8. I show forth righteousness by? (Prov.12:17)
  9. How can you be filled with righteousness? (Matt. 5:6)
  10. Where did your righteousness come from? (Romans 3:22)
  11. What is the Kingdom of God? (Romans 14:17)
  12. Once you have awakened to righteousness, the result will be what? (I Cor. 15:34)
  13. Once you are made free from sin, then you should become a what? (Romans 6:18)
  14. What should be our approach to righteousness? (I Tim. 6:11) 

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