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Be Upheld!

Life will present us all with opportunities to fall, fail and miss out on God's best. But as surely as that is so, there's an even surer guarantee that you don't have to allow those challenges to overcome you. You don't have to fail!

God has commanded us to stand on His Word as we take our place of victory over all the evil Satan would endeavor to impose on us. (Ephesians 6: 10-18) We are told to STAND, not fall, STAND, not fail, STAND and receive, not give in and miss out.

And so it is the very Word of God that you must stand on-putting all the weight and  pressure of any trial you face on the Word of God-and it will sustain you and give you victory every time!

"Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power... " Hebrews 1:3

God's Word is His power, and it upholds everything-everything that you see, and even what you don't see. It is able to build you up and hold you up and give you your inheritance among God's beloved saints. So as you determine to trust God, rely on His Word and stand on His promises, He has promised to uphold you! Because God's Word is His power and because ALL things-your life, your family, your finances, your health, your marriage, your business, your future, etc.-are upheld by the power of His Word, you can trust it to uphold you through any and everything you face in this life.

A clear example of this is Peter's miracle act of walking on the water. That act was really an act of Peter walking on the Word on the water. You see Peter and the other disciples were out on the lake in the middle of the night when Jesus came walking towards them on the water. Undone and frightened, Peter called out to Jesus and asked Jesus to bid him to come to Him on the water if it was really Him. At that request, Jesus simply replied, “Come". That Word from God was so powerful that it upheld Peter as he walked on the water!  It was the Word from God, not the water itself, which upheld Peter. (Matthew 14:22-32)

The same will be continually true in our lives as we boldly step out on and stand on God's Word, because the same power is available in the Word of God today. It is comforting and reassuring to know that God's Word is strong enough, big enough and powerful enough to uphold us and everything that concerns us in our lives. No longer do we have to "bear the burden" of the things that come to challenge us, no matter how small or big. Instead we can cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us, and know that we are being upheld.

If you've never done it before or perhaps have let it slip, then begin to see yourself literally standing on the Word of God for your needs, just as Peter stood on the water.  See yourself with the answer. See yourself victorious over all of hell's schemes. See yourself being upheld and supported by the most powerful and mighty force in the universe-God's Word. And as you do, you will experience just as great of a miracle as Peter did.

Remember to go to the Rock of your salvation whenever you're feeling shaky.  There you will find all the power and ability you need to succeed. There you will be upheld!

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